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We help you do your daily best

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7 Steps are written to help people who need a simple guide to take their idea from a napkin to a final product. Tom Danger, an avid lover of Hip Hop shares his story of how he started as an independent rap artist using Mixtapes as a promotional tool. The 7 steps were used to create and execute his Mixtape promotion campaign.

All songs written by Tom Danger 


Generals co-written by Illa Ghee

Everyday we dropping co-written by Jimmy Timeless

The first 100 orders will receive an autographed copy

1. Be Great\Grind Work - prod. by The currency squad

2. Visions - prod. by

3. Now or Never - prod. by T. Danger

4. Generals feat. Illa Ghee - prod. by 45 Crummie Beats

5. Everyday we Droppin feat. Jimmy Timeless - prod. by 45 Crummie Beats

6. What they Say - prod. by

7. Hood Rich T. Danger prod. by

Mixed by The Currency Squad 


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Motivation and Confidence - Book trailer

Tom Danger - Ebook Motivation and Confidence vol.1 - The 7 steps to start your ideas



Motivation and Confidence Volume 1 The 7 Steps - Ebook 


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Motivation and Confidence